Lainey Wilson Releases Rockin’ New Single “Hang Tight Honey,” From Forthcoming Album ‘Whirlwind’

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Ryan Anderson

Lainey Wilson doesn’t miss.

Today, she released what will serve as the lead single for her forthcoming album Whirlwind with a tune called “Hang Tight Honey.”

Written by Lainey along with Driver Williams (you might recognize that name as he’s Eric Church’s longtime guitarist), Jason Nix and Paul Sikes, the song is totally Lainey in terms of the funky, rock and roll production  reminiscent of the Rolling Stones and other classic rock bands from the 70’s.

Lyrically, “Hang Tight Honey” finds Lainey missing someone special back home, telling them that she’s been playing fun one night stands to fans who know how to get “straight up sideways,” but knowing that she’ll be back in their arms soon ultimately keeps her going and singing songs about them on stage.

In addition to this new one, “Country’s Cool Again” will be also included on the 14-song Whirlwind tracklist.

Lainey most recently released her Grammy-winning Bell Bottom Country album in 2022, and of course, has had a pretty inane last year or two that’s kept her really busy.

She shared in a post on Instagram last night that it’s been tough at times being away from home so much, but at the same time, she knows her hard work pays off in the long run and makes it worth it in the end, which is of course what inspired this new song:

“I’ve been runnin’ the roads nonstop for a few years now and I ain’t gonna lie to y’all, sometimes it can be tough being away from home that much.

At the same time, remembering what ‘home’ is and the things that I get to do for the ones I love because of the work I put in, is what keeps me going and makes it all worthwhile.

This one’s an anthem for the hard working men and women that get up every dang day and put in long hours to make a life worth living for the ones they love most. Love y’all! Crank ‘er up loud and proud.”

Whirlwind is due out everywhere on August 23rd.

Turn it up…

“Hang Tight Honey”

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