Monstrous Alligator Strolls Across Florida Golf Course

Monster alligator on golf course

Yeah, better just let that alligator play on through.

There’s a simple rule in golf. If you are out there with a group of friends and you’re holding up play, you let faster golfers play through. Or in this case, a slower alligator.

Funny enough, alligator habitats and golf courses (especially in the “Sunshine State”) have a lot in common. Green grass? Open areas? Ponds and banks for lounging? Yeah, that’s an alligator’s dream.

That’s why this golf course near Rotanda West, Florida, and countless others, have as many alligators roaming their fairways as they do golfers. The video of 7-foot-long dinosaur gator was posted by Matt Devitt, who has been a go-to source as of late for wild videos out of Florida.

Someone on a golf cart driving by captured the footage, and it didn’t look like the alligator could care any less that the small vehicle was nearby. It was too busy menacingly walking across the golf course’s fairway like it owned the place.

Take a look:

Now I’ve just got to figure out what golf course that is so I can make sure to never book a round of golf there. Then again, if I want to avoid gators, I probably should just avoid Florida in general.

Everyone that viewed the scary footage of the alligator was just as concerned as I was, except for one guy that appeared to be “Florida tough,” or at least “Florida tougher” than everyone else:

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