“I Know He Is Here With Us Tonight” – Kellie Pickler Makes Emotional Return To The Stage For The First Time Since Her Husband’s Death

Kellie Pickler

It’s great to see Kellie Pickler back out on stage.

The former American Idol contestant took the stage last night for the first time since her husband, singer and songwriter Kyle Jacobs, tragically passed away from suicide back on February 17, 2023.

Pickler married Jacobs back in 2011, and the couple starred together in the CMT reality show I Love Kellie Pickler.

Understandably, Kellie has remained largely out of the public eye in the wake of the tragedy, sharing only a short statement with People a few months after her husband’s death:

“One of the most beautiful lessons my husband taught me was in a moment of a crisis, if you don’t know what to do, ‘do nothing, just be still.’ I have chosen to heed his advice.

Thank you to my family, friends, and supporters, for the countless letters, calls, and messages that you have sent my way.

It has truly touched my soul and it’s helping me get through the darkest time in my life. As many of you have told me, you are all in my prayers.”

But last night, she returned to the stage for a very special reason: To honor country legend Patsy Cline.

Kellie appeared alongside many other country stars as part of Walkin’ After Midnight: An All-Star Tribute To Patsy Cline, and as she took the stage at the Ryman Auditorium she took a moment to pay tribute to her late husband:

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was not incredible nervous right now. It’s been the first time I’ve been up on stage in a while. 

I will say that I am incredibly honored to be a part of honoring Ms. Patsy Cline. She is a huge reason why I fell in love with music.

My husband and I actually wrote this song together, gosh, over a decade ago. The last time I was here in the Ryman Auditorium was with him on a date night. And I know he is here with us tonight.”

Kellie then performed her song “The Woman I Am,” from her 2013 album of the same name, which pays tribute to the legendary Patsy Cline:

“Sometimes I cry at night
I fall to pieces with Patsy Cline
Man, how many songs sound like that?
But that’s just the woman I am
I like my coffee black
Three ice cubes in my Jack
Daddy taught me how to drink like a man
But that’s just the woman I am”

@musicmayhemmagazine.com #KelliePickler returned to the stage to honor late country music icon #PatsyCline with a special performance of “The Woman I Am,” a song she co-wrote with her late husband, Kyle Jacobs. @Kellie Pickler ♬ original sound – Music Mayhem

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