Dog Confronts Florida Alligator Staring Through Glass Door, Sends It Running Back To A Pond

dog scares gator

Nothing to see here, just a hefty watch dog doing its job.

If you live in Florida, it probably doesn’t hurt to have a dog around that keeps an eye on your home. It’s always good to have an extra set of eyes securing the perimeter, especially in a state that’s home to all kind of potentially deadly creatures. That’s not even including the most dangerous living being in the Sunshine State: The Florida Man.

This video showcases one of the scary surprises that Floridians can experience.  Living in the state has its perks, such as sprawling beaches, warm temperatures, and discounted Disney ticket prices. But it also has its drawbacks, like having creepy alligators stare right through your windows.

If there’s a silver lining to this story, it’s that at least the gator was still outside of the house. That made it a lot easier for the chunky dog to stand up to it. The good boy or good girl was pretty brave with the glass door in between itself and the alligator.

The prehistoric reptile was a few feet away from the home, but was laying comfortably in the middle of the house’s back porch when the video first starts. As one woman peaks around a corner to keep an eye on the gator, the hound dog fearlessly runs right to the door and immediately goes into alert mode.

With the dog bellowing loud, drawn out barks, it didn’t take long for the alligator to change its mind about looking through the window. Only a second or two after the dog got to the door, the gator turns around and hilariously retreats back to the nearby pond. The only thing that’s missing from the clip is the “Fred Flintstone running” sound effect added on to the portion where the gator runs away.

And as the caption overlayed on the video suggests, stuff like this can only happen in wild, lawless, gator-infested state of Florida:

People were quick to point out a couple of concerning things about where the gator was resting when the dog managed to scare it away. For one, the seating area overlooking the pond was only a few yards farther back, so the gator is clearly comfortable traveling farther away from the body of water. And two, it appears that there’s a chain tied around one of the columns of the porch to keep the dog from running away.

Obviously it would have been a scary situation, and a much different video, if the dog was chained up outside with the alligator. But luckily the big ol’ hound was indoors, so it was able to scare away the scaly creature from the safety of its own home.

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