30 New-ish Country Songs That Need To Be On Your Radar – April 2024

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As far as country music goes, we are off to a very hot start in 2024.

Shane Smith & the Saints and Zach Top, among others, have already released a couple of the best albums the scene has seen in quite some time, and there are plenty of other high profile artists like 49 Winchester who have been releasing singles and announcing new albums to be released later this year.

With all of the new music being released, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the new stuff, especially from artists who may not be getting the attention they deserve or that, in some cases, you may not even be familiar with in the first place.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered. I’ve compiled a list below of 30 must-listen songs from 3o different artists that have been released in the past couple of months, and haven’t yet received the coverage they deserve. With that being said, it’s highly likely your favorite artist’s latest single isn’t mentioned, but you might just find your next favorite below.

Check them out here:

“Amarillo Highway” – Emily Nenni

“Brother Joe” – Ole 60

“Chasing The Moon” – Madeline Hawthorne

“Chiquita” – Giovannie and the Hired Guns

“Cicadas” – Ken Pomeroy

“Drinkin’ For Free” – Sachin & the Porch

“Far Too Late” – Jacob Stelly

“Elvis in Memphis” – Pat Green

“Hey Arizona” – Julia DiGrazia

“Homesick For Virginia” – Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road

“In The Texas Rain” – Logan Ryan Band

“Lady Luck” – Kade Hoffman

“Leave It Alone” – Leon Majcen

“Livin’ Proof” – Vincent Mason

“Long Time Ago” – Gabe Lee, Rylie Bourne, Lucciana Costa

“Long Time Comin'” – Winyah

“Midnight Flyer – Live” – Low Water Bridge Band

“No. 9 Diesel” – Kayla Ray

“Pulling Weeds” – The Wilson Springs Hotel

“Reasons Why” – Seth Ward

“Richmond County Line” – Wade Forster

“Rust” – Jayce Turley

“Shadows” – Chris Huntt Jr.

“Sober (Acoustic)” – Graycie York

“Tennessee” – Lillian Hackett

“The Light” – Clarke Sexton

“Those Lonely, Lonely Nights” – The Infamous Stringdusters, Anders Osborne

“Too Late For Flowers” – Lance Rogers

“Wake Up, Come Down” – Evan Honer

“Wish Me Well” – Red Shahan

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