Alligator Thrashes The Life Out Of A Water Moccasin

Alligator snags water moccasin
T Robinson

Those gators… they will eat anything, and let me tell you, they are able to eat just about anything.

Alligators are powerful, prehistoric animals that lurk in the waters of the south. They will eat anything they can from fish to birds and small rodents and other mammals. These sneaky predators lurk around in the water and wait for the perfect chance to launch their attack. With a burst of speed, in water or on land they lunge and latch onto their prey with one of the hardest bites in the world, capable of ripping and tearing flesh.

They reach weights over 1,100 pounds and lengths over 15 feet making them a force to be reckoned with. They require a lot of food to get they big and will even eat a venomous snake. Alligators have no fear of a bite due to their blood inhibiting a toxin in the snake venom. They’re essentially immune.

This alligator showed just that, as he is seen chasing down a water moccasin, also known as a cottonmouth. The snake is seen scurrying along the waters surface as the gator approaches.

It gets within range and grabs the snake in a flash, thrashing it around and holding onto it with its deadly bite.

What a show…

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