Willie Nelson Once Cut Off His Braids In The Waiting Room Of A Hospital To Scare His Doctor

WIllie Nelson
Southern Living

We’d all be better off if we lived our lives like Willie Nelson.

The soon to be 91-year-old hasn’t ever taken himself too seriously, and that might just be one his keys to living a long and happy life. Nelson has played music since he was nine years old, so he’s certainly doing something right considering he’s still performing and showing no signs of slowing down all of these years later.

He can likely credit his musical and life success to the way he carries himself. The “Pancho & Lefty” singer has always been known for his laid back attitude and tendency to make the most of things, and that’s perfectly represented by a story that Nelson told to Southern Living.

As the country legend recalls, he suffered from a potentially life-threatening medical event, and ended up having to go to the hospital because of it. Anyone else would have been a nervous wreck, but Willie was as cool as a cucumber, and even found time to crack a joke:

“I had a lung collapse one time and I went to the hospital. While I was waiting there, I decided to cut my braids off. Took scissors, cut them off (at shoulder length) and just left them laying there.”

Imagine having a collapsed lung and having the wherewithal to say, “You know, this would be a great time to pull a prank on my doctor.” That’s exactly what Willie ended up doing after he chopped his iconic braids off in the waiting room:

“My doctor came in to see me and he said, ‘How are you doing?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I think this medicine might be having a bad effect on me’ and I pulled out my braids. He freaked out.”

There’s a reason why Willie Nelson is a living legend. It’s because of stories like that. He should have been worried to his wit’s end, but instead, he found an opportunity to make a serious situation lighter.

Nelson was probably able to do that thanks to his belief about worrying, which he later revealed in the interview:

“I think worry will make you sick. I’ve never seen it accomplish anything. I’ve never seen worrying about anything change it. So I decided not to do it.”

Wise words from the Red-headed stranger right there. You can hear more wise words and advice from the legendary Willie Nelson in the video below:

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