Turkey Hunters Watch Two Florida Panthers Brawl Right In Front Of The Blind

Florida panthers fighting
Panther Man

To see a mountain lion in the wild is a pretty rare thing. They’re generally one of the more elusive and stealthy predators in all of North America. So, while seeing two going at it is pretty extraordinary, to have the rarest subspecies doing that makes it all the more uncommon.

Florida panthers are regarded as a subspecies of mountain lions (or cougars as they’re sometimes called), and native to Florida. They’re technically not a true sub-species since the only real difference is that Florida panthers generally have a kinked tail and a unique fur patch on the back, which seems to have evolved as a result of inbreeding due to the low numbers.

These big cats are considered a rare and endangered species, with only a few hundred individuals left in the wild. Florida panther males will often fight for territory and dominance. These territorial battles serve to establish dominance and protect their mating rights. Florida panthers are solitary animals and will defend their territories from other males to ensure access to food and mates.

A father and son were out for a turkey hunt when the craziest thing happened. As they sat calling out some gobblers, a ruckus started and crows started to lose their minds. Before they knew what was happen a pair of panthers were right in front of them going at it hard.

The pair of hunters got an up close and personal view at this wild fight, and the father summed it all up in the video.

“As the gang of crows got closer I peeked out of the right side of the blind and I caught movement, and sure enough it was a young male Florida panther. As I was pulling the phone out to get some footage of him, out came quite possibly the same cat I saw with my daughter one year and two days before and hit him like a freight train!

As the battle went on, A pack of rather large wild boars came running in to the screaming of these to Apex predators. One of the Boars, was really hell-bent on settling some old scores I guess, and came in hot right up to about 6 feet and probably was the reason the younger cat made it out of there alive.

This is why I love being a Man of the Sea and the Wilderness, you just can’t quite ever imagine what’s amazing thing is going to happen…”

This is what hunting is all about…

Making memories and moments those two hunters will talk about forever.

Hunter Snags Wild Turkey With His Bare Hands

Using decoys can be a bit of an art.

Making sure you set them up realistically to fool the incredibly intelligent animals that we chase after. It’s even more impressive using these things to further fool an animal and get within very close distances.

This video here is the ultimate use of a decoy, I don’t know many people who could pull this off and get within even a few feet of a wild turkey like this.

The video starts with it looking at a group of jakes walking in checking them out. After a couple gobbles, you see the decoy and realize there is a hunter behind it.

Over the span of a minute the hunter does his best turkey impression hiding behind the decoy and crawling towards the flock of birds.

Apparently, the show was very believable he gets within a couple feet of the birds, but… they still seem a little weary.

You see his hand start to come around the decoy. Just as the jake turns to run the man reaches out and snags its leg and pulls it in to get control. He grabs it by the legs and neck and holds it up like a championship trophy.

One might question why this would ever happen, and the two involved summed up the story:

“Due to the virus, Kyle and myself were working remotely. We were able to leave early, so we decided to turkey hunt after the passing rain.

When we finally heard the roar of the gobbles, we knew we were going to double. The jakes had full gobbles. When they came around the corner, we realized it was a group of jakes. Kyle had always mentioned catching one behind my decoy.

At that time, I grabbed my phone, and he grabbed the camera. The rest is history.”

I guess when you have been planning something and the opportunity presents itself, you have to pounce. And that’s exactly what this guy did.

Don’t try this one at home, it will probably not go this great every time.

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