Someone Stole A Signed Baseball From A Young Fan, So The Minnesota Twins & Baltimore Orioles Stepped Up In A Big Way

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People just suck sometimes.

It seems like it’s even worse now than it was pre-COVID. I don’t know if everybody just forgot how to act while we were all locked inside or what the deal is, but between concert fights and airplane meltdowns and just general asshole behavior, it seems like there are just more downright shitty people in the world these days.

And that was on full display at the ballpark recently, when a young fan had a signed baseball from his favorite player stole from him during a game between the Minnesota Twins and the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards.

According to a Facebook post from the boy’s parents:

“Arguably one of the worst baseball game experiences of my life last night. Camden was autograph hunting and was lucky enough to get his favorite Twins player, Byron Buxton, to sign his ball. As the ball is being handed back to him by the usher, someone else grabs it and bolts. He is in instant tears and inconsolable once I make it over to him from our seats. Luckily chicken tenders and pizza helped eased the pain but of course when we got to the parking garage he started to cry again.”

Who steals a baseball from a kid? Seriously?

But fortunately the story has a happy ending thanks to the Twins, the Orioles, Buxton himself, and Twins reporter Audra Martin.

The Twins outfielder got wind of what had happened to his young fan, and vowed to make it right:

And make it right they did.

The Orioles gave the young fan and his family front row seats to the next day’s game, and Martin presented him not only with another signed ball, but also some signed batting gloves and a bat – something that Martin says was Buxton’s idea when she asked for a new ball.

And the boy’s father had high praise for the Orioles, who went out of their way to help a young fan of the opposing team:

“The generosity of the Baltimore Orioles to see something that went wrong, even though he’s cheering for the other team, and just to give that generosity is absolutely amazing…

We were trying not to make a big deal out of it because stuff happens sometimes and it just went around. I’m just so glad that a negative day turned into something positive for him.”

Good on everybody who stepped up to help out. There are some shitty people out there, but there are a lot more good ones.

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