“I Can Bust In Your Face” – Karen With A Death Wish Unknowingly Tries To Pick A Fight With UFC Star Maycee Barber

Maycee Barber

Little did this woman know the beating she would have taken…

I get that out in the wild you’re not going to know the type of person you run into on the streets. Most people are just regular average Joe’s trying to make some money and have a little fun, but some people make that money by locking themselves in a cage with another person and try to separate them from consciousness.

There’s more than a few stories of idiots messing with MMA fighters and it going poorly for them. Jared Gordon took down a man with a bat, Sean Strickland confronted a drunk man on his property, Nate Diaz choked out a Logan Paul lookalike on Bourbon Street, and I can’t forget the group of dads getting whooped by a group of former MMA fighters on a golf course.

Well, last night we almost had another one of these impromptu throwdowns with a UFC fighter.

Maycee Barber is the #4 ranked 125lb woman’s flyweight in the UFC and made quite a name for herself when she entered the Octagon at just 21 years old back in 2018. Her nickname is “The Future” and for good reason. Her skills and fight IQ improve every time she puts on the gloves, and with only two losses in her career, one being to current Flyweight champion Alexa Grasso, she’s one of the biggest female names in the sport for what she’s been able to do in the cage.

Well, that and her, shall we say, agreeable appearance…

But just last night, Maycee had a run in with a strange woman that almost turned violent.

We don’t know what happened in the lead up to this, but she was trying to get back in her car with a friend, but for some reason a woman was leaning up against it and not letting them open the door. Obviously, Maycee approaches her and can be heard saying:

“Can you please get off my car? Get off my car.”

To which the clearly oblivious woman says:

“Move me. Touch me.”

Not going to lie, that alone was enough for me to start hoping for some street justice, but Maycee remained calm. The clip then cuts and shows the deranged lady getting in her face, saying:

“Don’t touch me because I can bust you in your f*cking face… I’d beat both you motherf*cking asses.”

Maycee and her friend, fitness model Demi Bagby, obviously bust out laughing at that, and again, here I am hoping for it to go down to put some humility in this lady’s life.

Eventually she makes some comment about Maycee wearing sweatpants and moves off to annoy someone else, but man we were so close to getting a first hand view of a beatdown. Imagine Maycee holding the phone in one hand while taking care of business with the other, now that would be some quality content.

Here’s the video she took and posted to her Instagram story:

Let this be a lesson to us all to not get in a street fight. The last thing you need to to try and be tough against someone who fights (and beats) world level trained killers on a daily basis.

Here’s (in my opinion) the best finish of her young career and shows just how much of a savage she can be.

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