Former UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Chokes A Guy Out During A Street Brawl On Bourbon Street

Nate Diaz

Not the guy you wanna square up with during a brawl…

Nate Diaz had an eventful few hours in New Orleans last night.

The MMA fighter and former UFC champion was in the Big Easy for the MMA’s Misfits Boxing 6 event, where Diaz got himself kicked out of the arena for hurling a water bottle at former football player and Too Hot to Handle reality star Chase DeMoor after an altercation.

And the trouble between the two appeared to spill over onto Bourbon Street after the fight.

Multiple videos show what appears to be DeMoor, and what’s reported to be several members of Diaz’s team, coming to blows in the middle of the street.

And in the middle of the scrum, some guy was clearly overmatched when he tried to take on Diaz.

Video shows Diaz and the guy locking up, before Diaz puts him in a chokehold and quite literally puts him to sleep right there in the middle of Bourbon Street.

As if being choked out isn’t bad enough, now you’re gonna wake up in the middle of all the piss and vomit and God knows whatever else is down there on Bourbon Street?

Maybe pick your spot next time, because there are some things that you just can’t recover from.

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