Dallas Cowboys Roasted For Asking Twitter If They Should Trade Up In The NFL Draft

Dallas Cowboys

How about them Cowboys?

No, seriously. The Dallas Cowboys are really asking fans what they should be doing for the 2024 NFL Draft, which takes place next week. “How about them” is usually just a mantra the pro teams used, but now the team is quite literally asking “how about them? should we draft them?”

While the post the Dallas team put out was clearly just to drive up social media engagement, it hasn’t gone over all that well for them online. Probably because asking fans if they should trade back or hold tight in the upcoming draft looks slightly desperate… since that’s something, I don’t know, team management should be handling?

It doesn’t help that the Cowboys haven’t done all that much this offseason. For a team that was supposed to be “all in,” Dallas seems to going through the motions in preparation for what could be Dak Prescott’s last year as a Cowboy.

So the team should have known this post below would become a meme when they sent it out:

Oh, boy…

The Cowboys asked fans to “let them know in the comments,” and they did just that. Fed up Dallas fans didn’t hold back when they shot out their responses to the post:

Best of luck to the Dallas Cowboys in next week’s NFL Draft. Hope these helpful responses will aid them in deciding whether or not to trade up or stay put…

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