Big Ol’ Alligator Climbs Up A Wall In Florida

gator climbs wall
Belynda Blyth

Only in Florida…

Floridians that feel safe having fences and gates around their homes should think again. It appears than an alligator can climb any wall or structure it needs to, especially if it’s as large as the one in this picture.

Even the small ones have some respectable climbing skills, as we saw in this viral video of a gator scaling a chain-link fence with ease. I guess with as long as alligators have been on this Earth, they’ve learned their fair share of skills.

This particular prehistoric creature was spotted in the Englewood area, and was photographed by Belynda Blyth. The picture was then posted by Florida Meteorologist Matt Devitt, who has kind of taken the role of “Chief Alligator Social Media Poster” in the Sunshine State.

I’ve got to say, the photo is pretty funny. The massive alligator is standing up on its back legs as it peers over a wall that looks to be located next to a road leading into a gated community. And the sign it is standing up next to reads:

“Watch for pedestrians on left and right.”

That means the gator, if it was hungry, was just following along with what the sign said. They’ll have to update the sign to where it says “watch out for pedestrians and alligators that have surprising climbing abilities.” I’m guessing the HOA will be looking into gator-proofing that wall in the near future:

I’m sure anyone that drove past that gator did a double take. It almost doesn’t look real, but we know that it is because it took place in the wild, free-for-all state known as Florida.

Commenters on Facebook felt as though the alligator wasn’t doing anything wrong, and was instead just following the directions of the sign it was standing up next to:

“He was definitely watching for pedestrians.”

“Florida… never a dull moment.”

“He’s watching! Always watching…”

“He’s not climbing. He’s watching for snacks.”

“It’s Jurassic park over there.”

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