“Best Earplug In The World” – Dad’s Gummy Hits Too Hard At NASCAR Race, Puts Cigarette Butts In His Ears

Dad at Martinsville NASCAR

I can’t imagine that being blazed at a NASCAR track is that great. Unless you’re this guy who looks like he is having a time.

A TikTok user uploaded a video that quickly became viral because this man screams NASCAR. Shared by Travis Shively, the video is in memory of this late father, who sadly has passed, but they shared a hilarious father/son moment while watching a race.

“Throwback to when I gave my dad a gummy at the Martinsville NASCAR race. RIP Pops.”

The video shows an older gentleman sitting in the stands with what appears to be earplugs sticking out of his ears, but if your eye nears the end of the “plug,” you see that it’s burnt. Yep…it’s a cigarette butt.

“Dad, what are you doing? Those are cigarette butts…”

His son asks him as he notices too that the smoked cigarettes are sticking out of his dad’s ears.

 “Cigarette butts. Best earplug in the world.”

You have to commend the fella for at least putting something in his year as the loud cars get ready to race by. Knowing that this man was high, too, just makes this even better. Nothing like a fresh filter to take away the roaring of the engines.

Naturally I headed to the comment section, and everyone is in love with this man, and I can’t blame them. Not only did this social media user’s father look like a helluva time, but he commended him for his redneck ingenuity.

Never seen anything more NASCAR in my life.”

“Raise. Hell. Praise. Dale.”

“That man’s been to war.” 

“You gotta do what you gotta do.” 

“My Papa used to do the same thing. I’ve done it. They work.”

“As a person who hates earplugs, this is brilliant.”

“This is what America is ALL about.”

“Hell yeah, if it works.” 

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