“In The Name Of Jesus, Look At The Moose At The Costco” – Alaskan Mom Begs Moose To Not Steal Her Groceries

Moose at Costco
Janet Williams-Downing

I knew grocery stores were cracking down on customer theft, but do they really need security moose?

Wholesale stores like Sam’s Club and Costco always check receipts at the door, and this moose in Alaska was just taking that process a step further as it explored one Costco shopper’s cart as she tried to unload her groceries into her car.

The Alaskan mom tried to use northern motherly commands like “scooch” directed at the large animal to get it to leave, though none of them proved to be all that successful. Even pointing her finger in a judgmental way with her hand on her hip didn’t deter the moose.

She ended up having to barter with the moose, as she described in an interview with CBC News:

“It was a standard shopping trip until a moose decided that maybe he wanted my sweet potatoes more than I did. I offered to give him the sweet potatoes, I was like, ‘Just take it, I bought extra.’ But he was denied fresh produce.”

The moose was trying to get the woman’s yams, so to speak.

Despite the Alaska resident’s best efforts, the wild animal wasn’t backing away from the cart. People from all over the Costco parking lot started filming and photographing the encounter, with one woman even exclaiming in a separate video “In the name of Jesus, look at the moose at the Costco.”

All that was missing from the face off was the theme song from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” Don’t ask me who is who in this situation. Instead, I’ll just keep it moving to the next quote from the woman who said once the moose put its ears back, the parking lot encounter wasn’t all that cute anymore:

“It was just a standoff while I sat there and waited for him to either steal my food or walk away. Once he started putting his ears back, I put my phone down….

He did go elsewhere eventually. But apparently he just stuck around and lingered in the Costco parking lot until four or five o’clock.”

Hey, we’ve all found ourselves wondering around a Costco for hours on end at some point or another, am I right? The moose was probably just trying to score some wholesale deals… or steal them.

You can view the CBC News report and interview on the nosy moose in the video below:

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