Fishermen Stunned To See Mink Maul A Seagull In Open Water

Mink attacks seagull in open water
David Suggitt

The things you can see while your out fishing. As much as we all go out on the water in hopes of catching the big one, there’s also the possibility of seeing some other kind of great wildlife encounter on the water as well. It’s one of the best parts of fishing. Even if you’re not catching much, you have to love being outside, being on the water, and just experiencing the nature around you.

Open water provides a unique environment where often times there is an advantage one animal has over another. Bears have the advantage over deer in water, predator fish like pikes have the advantage over smaller fish, and sharks just about have the advantage over everything… except maybe a pod of orcas.

This fisherman was out on the lake in his boat for a day of fishing when he came across a mink swimming in the water. A mink is a close relative to the weasel and they are ferocious little critters. For an animal that only weighs 2-4 pounds, they can take down a lot of animals. They will feed on anything from rabbits, frogs, insects, fish and even birds. The use land and water to hunt these animals down.

And with their slightly webbed feet, they’re surprisingly strong swimmers and frequently hunt riverbanks and shorelines.

The video from Stoney Lake, Ontario, Canada, shows a mink literally climbed up on the back of seagull that is floating in the water as if he was riding it. Biting for the neck, the mink wrestles for control as the seagull fights for its life.

Looking at the pair of them you would think the seagull would be able to escape easily given the size and ability to fly. But, the mink is relentless and keeps attacking every time the seagull starts to break free. Eventually the seagull holds on long enough the the mink gets tired out. It decides to head to higher ground before it gets into a life-threatening situation of its own.

What a battle though, I’ve certainly never seen a mink riding a seagull.

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