Black Bear & A Mountain Lion Get Treed By A Pack Of Hounds… At The Same Time

Bear and cougar in same tree

Having these two species together, both in the same tree is probably one of those once-in-a-lifetime things. Even if you are chasing them with hounds…

Black bears and mountain lions are two of the most iconic predators in North America. Both of these animals are known for their impressive size and strength, as well as their ability to stay away from people without ever being noticed. Of course, black bears will wander into neighborhoods looking for food, but you can also hike through the woods your whole life and never see one.

Black bears are found throughout North America and weigh up to 600 pounds, with males typically being larger than females. Black bears are omnivores, eating a wide variety of foods, including berries, nuts, roots, and insects.

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, are found throughout western North America and can weigh up over 200 pounds, with males typically being larger than females. Cougars are carnivores, preying on a variety of animals, including deer, elk, and smaller mammals.

Hunting black bears and cougars with hounds is a controversial practice that is legal in some areas of North America. The use of hounds are an effective way to track and capture these elusive animals, as the hounds can use their superior smell to track them down and force them into a tree.

This video shows a cougar in a tree, staring up at the black bear above him as hounds bark at the bottom of the tree. The cougar hisses at the black bear but realizes a fight between the two of them in a tree is probably not the best idea.

The bear seems more content to just chill up in the tree, while the cougar turns and takes a massive leap out of the tree and over the dogs, not missing a beat as he takes off in a full sprint with the dogs following.

That is one crazy encounter.

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