Gronk Spike! Rob Gronkowski Put His Own Twist On The Ceremonial First Pitch For The Red Sox On Patriots’ Day

Gronk spike

As is customary on Patriots’ Day, the Boston Red Sox get their game in early against the Cleveland Guardians at Fenway Park so that Bostonians can enjoy the Boston Marathon. That’s a cool tradition. You know how you make it even better? By having New England Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski take the bump for the first pitch.

There have been some brutal first pitches over the years. Most recently, the Giants had current 49ers stars Fred Warner and Deebo Samuel toss at the same time, and it was not at all pretty.

Rather than risk bouncing one to home plate, Gronk preemptively quelled any speculation that he couldn’t throw with enough force to get it there by simply reenacting his famous “Gronk Spike” touchdown celebration with a baseball.

Gronk is just the man. He always has the right thing to say or do at the ready whenever a big moment calls for it. Before glimpsing these videos, it didn’t even occur to me that Gronk would do such a thing. Then he went for the end zone spike, and it made perfect sense immediately.

That’s how you send Boston into the marathon festivities and celebrate the holiday the right way. Big ups to the Red Sox for having the wherewithal to schedule Gronk for this particular event.

Another great view from some boots on the ground at Fenway:

It always seems like Tom Brady is flirting with an NFL comeback. Gronk was the best combination of a blocking and pass-catching tight end to ever do it in my opinion. TB12 and Gronk are always attached at the tip. Although the position he played was far more brutal in terms of absorbing contact, I bet Gronk would give it one last ride with Brady if the GOAT of quarterbacks did indeed return to the field.

Until then, we’ll settle for any and all appearances Gronk makes in the public eye. No matter what he does, Gronk is as cool as anyone can be. I still miss watching him pancake fools and spiking touchdown catches on Sundays. It’s been two whole seasons! Come back Gronk!

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