Draft Party & War Room Erupt As Indiana Fever Select Prada-Rocking Caitlin Clark No. 1 Overall In WNBA Draft

Caitlin Clark

Even though everyone knew what was coming in Monday night’s WNBA Draft, it was nevertheless a momentous, watershed, dare I say revolutionary moment when the Indiana Fever formally selected Caitlin Clark with the No. 1 overall pick.

This happens to be the second straight year the Fever have had the pick of the litter atop the draft, which means Clark gets to join forces with ex-South Carolina star Aaliyah Boston, the reigning WNBA Rookie of the Year. Boston’s prowess in the frontcourt mixed with Clark’s limitless shooting range and playmaking ability should give the Fever a dynamic duo for the ages.

It was such a certainty that Clark was Indiana-bound that Boston was interviewing her on the orange carpet before the draft opened in earnest.

The Fever even had this animation mini film at the ready with Clark as a superhero-esque action figure.

Still, though, if you watch these Indiana fans going bananas and the draft war room exploding once Clark became Fever official, you can’t help but feel the electricity through the screen.

Clark tends to have that effect. She’s a box office draw of the highest order. Her game is a mix of Steph Curry’s shooting and passing ability that’s been likened to “Pistol” Pete Maravich. She’s single-handedly uplifting the sport of basketball on the women’s side, college and pro. South Carolina coach Dawn Staley acknowledged as much by shouting out Clark after beating her in the national championship.

…And Clark has the style to match, becoming the first man or woman in all of basketball to rock high-end fashion line Prada for Monday’s special occasion.

Caitlin Clark is here, y’all! In the WNBA! I know the Indiana Pacers are in the playoffs, but I won’t be surprised when there’s more interest in Indy around the Fever than them. Clark is just that magnetic and awesome.

All the butthurt UConn legends and WNBA greats who don’t think she’s that good, or that she’ll be humbled once she hits the highest level of women’s hoops, I respectfully, vehemently disagree. We’ve never seen anyone like Clark. She was lapping everyone at the collegiate level, and her skill set is so singular that I don’t know how she won’t thrive immediately as a WNBA superstar.

Even if there’s a bit of a steeper learning curve than anticipated, Clark will draw so many eyeballs to the league that never would’ve cared otherwise that such bottom-line success will overshadow any on-court underwhelming as she adjusts to the pro game.

Congrats to the Fever, and to all of Indiana for truly hitting the draft lottery on a once-in-a-lifetime women’s basketball star. Can’t wait to watch Clark take the court again and embark on this professional journey.

PS, how cool would it be to be Fever GM Liv Dunn? Two of the most no-brainer No. 1 picks ever in consecutive years? What a gig! Dunn said it took her no more than 20 seconds to get the card in for Clark. Surprised it was that long.

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