Cubs-Mariners Game Gets Hazy At T-Mobile Park As Car Catches Fire On Seattle Highway

Chicago Cubs car fire
Marquee Sports Network

The billowing smoke from an aflame automobile crept its way into T-Mobile Park in Seattle late Saturday night as the Mariners hosted the Cubs. Kind of an eerie scene to take in, as can be seen in the videos below.

For the sake of factual precision, local KIRO 7 Seattle reporter Shawn Garrett reveals that the fire actually came from State Route 90. You just hope everyone on the highway is OK, first of all, especially whoever was in that flaming car. Thoughts and best wishes to all the folks involved in that seemingly severe situation.

Have to agree with Katie Nolan’s take here, absent any other deft transition that comes to mind.

The recent earthquake that hit the greater New York City area was another sort of surreal example of the real world crossing over with sports, as Yankees star Gleyber Torres didn’t break stride in batting practice when the Earth shook.

In terms of personal experience with this sort of thing, the only instance that springs to mind is when I went to see the excellent indie movie Past Lives in NYC on a seemingly normal day, came out of the theater some two hours later, and the sky was straight-up orange. This was last June, and it was when the smoke from the Canadian wildfires spilled into the Big Apple. Legit Blade Runner 2049 vibes.

Alrighty then. As for the game, the Cubbies-Ms game, it thankfully wasn’t that extreme. The players wound up getting through it. Wasn’t much of a positive or eventful outing for the home team. Chicago jacked three homers and went on to win 4-1 as the Mariners’ struggles at home continue amidst the very, very young 2024 MLB campaign.

Seattle just made the playoffs for the first time since 2001, so these fans aren’t going to waver from some early adversity. Their bats are bound to heat up at some point, or so you’d think. The Mariners still have a shot to win their three-game interleague series against Chicago on Sunday, too.

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