Zach Johnson Told The Masters Gallery To “F*** Off” After They Apparently Cheered For His Triple Bogey On 12th Hole

Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson

O captain, my captain! Woe be to thee, captain. WOAH, captain!

OK that about empties the chamber of captain-themed references to the latest failed Team USA Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson. The 2007 Masters winner is less than two years from Champions Tour status, and perhaps he’s frustrated with that reality more than anything else. Nevertheless, typically when a hot mic picks up an F-bomb at a golf tournament, I’m all about it. Not so much in this instance.

Our poor guy ZJ had a rough go of things at the par-3 12th hole. As windy conditions continued to make for challenging scoring, the exposed hole known as the Golden Bell wreaked havoc on Johnson, who had to re-tee, bail out way right of the green, and took three more from there to get down with a triple-bogey six. The patrons seemed to be sarcastically cheering for Johnson once he finally got the ball in the cup, and he did not take to it well.

There’s at least some plausible deniability here on behalf of the spectators. The 11th green is right next to the 12th tee. Who knows, maybe they were applauding a classy approach shot, or a deft chip from just off the putting surface on No. 11? Johnson sure didn’t seem to think so. I guess not to discount his general intelligence — which wasn’t on display amid his mercurial reaction — he must’ve immediately realized those cheers were for him. I’m sure he could see what was going on at the 11th. Tough look. Even tougher to yell a profanity at The Masters’ paying customers.

Johnson has always come across as a down to earth, humble sort of guy from Iowa. He’s not a long hitter, and yet has managed to nab a green jacket for himself along with a Claret Jug at The Open Championship in 2015. Those are just some of the accolades he’s achieved. However, I don’t think that track record as a player and personality is going to let him off the hook in this situation. You can also make the case that he’s a real weirdo, and not the endearing-ish kind like current Masters leader Bryson DeChambeau.

Players dig their own graves sometimes when it comes to this stuff. Flopping in the post of Ryder Cup captaincy won’t do you any favors in terms of likability if you’re already not one of the more beloved players. Unfortunately, Johnson didn’t have the margin for error to pop off at the crowd like this. As classy as The Masters is, we might see some jeers at Johnson next year on the 12th tee. And I say next year, because he’s plunged himself well off the cut line.

Can’t say everyone has Johnson’s back, either. Ruh-roh, Raggy.

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