Arlo McKinley Delivers Moving Acoustic Performance Of New Single “Place To Sleep”

Arlo McKinley country music
Arlo McKinley

It’s always a good week when we get new music from the songwriting mastermind Arlo McKinley.

This is the first bit of new music we have gotten from McKinley since his stunning 2022 record, This Mess We’re In. Last month, he kicked things off with, “Watching Vermont,” and today, we’re blessed with another one, titled “Place To Sleep.” McKinley is a brilliant wordsmith if there ever was one, with simple acoustic melodies and honest, heartfelt songwriting that grabs hold of listeners with his captivating vocals. The Cincinnati native does just that on “Place To Sleep.”

“I was in my early 20’s when Ben Cochran came to my apartment to play some music together, outside of the band we were in at the time. He showed me this song and I felt like he had somehow captured my thoughts and feelings at that time in this song.

Fast forward 20 years and Ben is now my touring bass player and still one of my best friends. After all these years I’m happy to bring this song back to life and include it on my new EP ‘Borrowed & Blue’.”

And accompanying the track, he dropped a beautiful live music video of the song.

I am always amazed watching McKinley because he hypnotizes me. Not in the same way that artists like Billy Strings or Marcus King do, quickly shredding their fingers across the neck of the guitar, but you can feel the soul, artistry, and thoughtfulness in all of McKinley’s work… and it feels effortless.

This is your sign to start listening to Arlo McKinley if you haven’t already. Your life will be changed for the better.

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