Whiskey Myers Opens The Vault, Releases Acoustic Version Of “Heart Of Stone” Live From Sonic Ranch

Whiskey Myers
Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers releasing some acoustic sessions from their last studio album, Tornillo.

The East Texas country rock band typically lays low on social media, spending most of their time promoting their shows as they embrace their road warrior lifestyle. But now they’re taking us back to Sonic Ranch, where they recorded their 2022 album.

Back in 2022, Whiskey Myers shared a video from the recording studio where lead singer Cody Cannon was working on the track “Heart Of Stone.” You can tell he is dialed into the album as he sits with the sound engineer and works through the melody of the single.

@whiskeymyersofficial Figuring out Heart of Stone in the studio at Sonic Ranch #whiskeymyers #countrymusic #studio 🎥: @khrispoage ♬ original sound – whiskeymyers

Two years after the album’s release, we now get a stunning acoustic video from Sonic Ranch, in which Cannon is laying down the single for one of the first times. Dressed in the same beanie and camo pullover from the video where they are working out the kinks, the very stripped-back version of the song highlights the group’s unbridled vocal and songwriting talent.

As we all know, tracks that come from Whiskey Myers with the word “stone” in the title mean it’s going to cut deep. “Heart Of Stone” does just that, and Cannon sings the melancholy lyrics as a man tries to figure out his path and wrestles with where his life is at now.

“Sometimes I look in the mirror and I
Don’t like what I see
And I wonder if she’ll ever know the
Darker side of me
Is my reflection just a shell of the
Am I the living or am I the dying proof?”

Since we don’t often get stripped-back versions of songs like this from Whiskey Myers, you know I have this turned all the way up. This is not a video to gloss over.

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