Grizzly Bear Nicknamed “The Boss” Strolls Through Falling Snow At Banff National Park

bear snow

Having the nickname “The Boss” is a heavy crown to wear, but this grizzly bear in Banff National Park seems to be worthy.

Animals living out in nature are often at the mercy of the weather. Unlike humans who can plan ahead to avoid the brutal cold or the blistering heat, creatures living out in the wild often have to react and survive in real time.

That often means that animals have to work with what they have, and in colder climates, a lot of the living beings that call the area home are equipped with thicker coats to handle the inevitable winter weather. There might not be a beast more capable of handling the snow than the grizzly bear.

For one, they often go into hibernation during the worst of the winter, so that definitely helps the bruins handle the snow. But when they are dealing with the brutal conditions, a grizzly bear’s coat actually adapts to better handle the temperature.

During the colder parts of the year, grizzlies grow out thicker, golden fur that helps to better insulate themselves and stay warmer. And when it gets more manageable temperature wise during the summer, grizzly bears actually shed their outer coat and sport a darker undercoat.

The grizzly in this video needed all the coat it could get as it traversed through the thick snow in Banff National Park. You almost can’t even see the bear in the footage with the immense amount of snow falling, and the accumulated winter precipitation on the bear’s coat.

But guess what? “The Boss” (this bear’s nickname) can handle it, and it looks pretty menacing as it walks through the snow in slow motion:

Social media users that viewed the incredible (and viral) video had their breath taken away by the clip, and left these comments below the post:

“What a unit! Stunning yet frightening at the same time.”

“Long live the forest king.”

“Wish I could hangout in the snow like that.”

“What an unbelievably immense grizzly!”

“Wishing ‘The Boss’ many commanding years to come.”

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