Big Alligator Makes Short Work Of Smaller Gator, Throws It Around Like A Rag Doll

Florida alligators fighting

Gator on gator crime.

There are no teams out in the nature. Sometimes you have animals travel in herds together, but even then, a lot of animals are only looking out for themselves. You can’t ever rule out species-on-species attacks out in the Animal Kingdom.

That’s why this video out of Florida (because where else would this wild of a video be from?) is brutal, but doesn’t come as a surprise. A brave person paddle boarding down a waterway in the “Sunshine State” came to a stop when they saw a massive alligator finishing off some prey, and that unfortunate prey ended up being a smaller gator.

When the video begins, the smaller alligator is already too far gone. It appears that the larger reptile had already made short work of the smaller creature, and we find out how when the very much alive gator starts whipping around the lifeless one like a rag doll.

It’s rather evident that the bigger gator was in control, and likely had been the entire time. I don’t know what I’m more surprised by – the force that the alligator uses to slam its prey down into the bank, or the fact that a man is mere feet away from these gators on a paddle board. I’d likely never paddle board again, or at least not in that area, if I saw that happening right in front of me.

The person filming posted the video with this caption, suggesting that some others they were sharing the water with (a kayaker) bumped into him from behind, which makes the footage that much more terrifying:

“Video I captured last year of a wild large male American alligator feeding on an unfortunate smaller gator in its territory.

The video was slightly ‘meh’ due to people… lacking intelligence… in a kayak, bumping my paddle board in the back towards this massive gator.”

Check it out:

Alligator Drags Away Monster Python

As somebody who is absolutely mortified of snakes, even this video gives me cold chills.

However, where I come from, the worst snakes we have to worry about are typically copperheads, but black snakes and king snakes are the most common in my area. And thankfully, they’re pretty harmless…

So needless to say, it’s hard for me to imagine living in a swampy area, and possibly running into a massive python.

Apparently these sightings are not uncommon in South Florida, as Everglades City resident Carl Nicholson caught some WILD footage of an alligator dragging away a huge python.

According to Outdoor Life, Nicholson says the incident happened at the 29 Canal in South Florida, where alligator and python sightings are all too familiar.

You can hear him say in the footage:

“That’s a big gator and he can’t even take it down. He’s trying.”

We’re talking about two fierce predators, and these types of gator/python encounters have been pretty common in the South Florida area.

Part 1:

Although alligators have long ruled the murky waters of Florida, Burmese pythons have recently found themselves right up there with the gators as top predators in the Sunshine State.

The outlet notes that there is an estimated population of 30,000, to 300,000 of pythons in the state of Florida, and they feed off a number of rabbits, deer, turtles, raccoons, possums, birds, and just about anything else they can take in.

Burmese pythons range from 10-16 feet in length, and are some of the strongest snakes imaginable.

Needless to say, the alligator had his work cut out for him in this one.

Part 2:

Snake Turns The Tables On Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-tailed hawks will eat just about any smaller animal that they can get their talons into. They are a fierce predator that uses their bird’s eye view and speed to its advantage, attacking prey by surprise from above.

They usually perch up or fly high above and open area, using their hawk eyes to zero in on prey. They have vision up to 10-times better than humans and are known to be one of the smartest birds in North America.

Snakes are one of their favorite meals, and if you’ve spent anytime in farm country with high hawk populations, odds are that you have seen one flying away with a snake.

This hawk was just doing what hawks do, hunting for another meal… but the prey he had in mind had much different plans.

After launching an attack on the snake, the snake manages to wrap up the hawk and suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted.

A couple of men came across the incident and tried to help the hawk out. They got a video of them unraveling the snake from the hawk and trying to pull it off as the hawk is now fighting for its life.

One mans pulls on the snake, which is huge, as it bites on the hawk’s leg not letting go.

The hawk flaps around trying to get free but the snake wants its revenge.

Finally, the snake lets go and the hawk is immediately out of there.

Both the hawk and the snake will live to fight another day.

Never a dull moment over at @WhiskeyRiff

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