Utah Policeman Tackles Wild Pig With Incredible Precision, Carries It Away Squealing

police officer tackles pig

Talk about perfect tackling form.

Do they train police officers to tackle pigs? Is that part of the training process? I only ask because it looks like this Utah officer had been preparing for this moment for his entire time on the force.

Tackling a pig has to be on the short list of hardest things to do while still looking professional. This pig wasn’t greased up, but it still proved to be quite slippery as it ran amuck in Grantsville, Utah.

The swine had been on the run for two days, along with another hog, after they broke loose from wherever they were living. It’s presumed the two hogs were being kept as pets, and the owner of the pigs on the loose reportedly never came forward.

“This little piggy got tackled by a police officer” likely isn’t the way you remember the children’s book, but it’s exactly how this incident played out in Utah. The hog was running through a neighborhood, as it had been for the couple of days it was free, and it’s time going hog wild had finally run out.

One woman saw a foot race unfolding as the officer was closing in on the hog, and thankfully, she decided to slow her car down and get it on video. She ended up squealing in laughter just as much as the hog was squealing in defeat once the police man apprehended it.

And the tackling of the swine could not have been executed any better. With all of the added rules and regulations being added to the NFL, the league will likely send this clip out on “how to tackle and not harm.” It’s an absolute masterclass.

After the officer pins the pig down, he slowly but surely lifts it up and carries the big ol’ ham back to his squad car. The comedic effect of the woman rolling down her window to capture the pig’s high pitched squealing cannot be taught in any comedy class.

Check out the hilarious video below:

That pig was COOKING up some juke moves on that officer, to the point where you could probably smell the bacon sizzling. The illusive maneuvers didn’t work for long though, and I’m just so incredibly thankful that it was all captured on camera.

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