Two Black Bears Brutally Take Down A Moose Calf In The Waters Of Ontario

two bears maul a moose
Anna-Mari Muller

The things these creatures go through, and have to do, to survive.

Black bears are not known for their hunting ability and have gained a massive reputation, especially in more urban areas, for living off of human garbage. But that’s really because most of the black bears the majority of people see are eating their garbage. Those bears are probably accustomed to that and have found themselves a problematic, but very easy, food source. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic hunters.

Black bears can consume as much as 20,000 calories in a day when they are getting ready to hibernate. That amount of food means they don’t discriminate and will eat literally anything they can. Omnivorous by nature, they’ll eat anything from grasses to berries and shrubs, to fish, fawns, roadkill, or even maybe the second largest animal in North America… moose.

Black bears can reach weights well over 500 pounds, and on rare occasions much larger, but usually they average closer to around 300 pounds. They can run, climb, claw, and swim their way through nearly any kind of environment.

These two black bears showed us that they still ain’t nothing to mess with as they took on this moose calf. She is seen with some clear damage already, as two black bears are hot on her tail. She appears to be scalped by the bears, and has already reached the point of exhaustion when the video begins… the fight is over, she’s just waiting to suffer her agonizing death.

The moose calf most likely used the water to try and get away. Their long legs make water a safe haven for moose, who are able to walk quickly in deeper water than predators who are forced to swim after them. It’s much more exhausting for the predators to swim after them, but in some cases, the water just isn’t enough to protect the moose. This pair of bears are seen still attacking the moose calf until one gains the upper hand and drags her back to land in a violent scene.

That’s nature for you… it’s brutal.

According to Anna-Mari Muller, the photographer who captured the wild moment, the moose caught the eye of some wolves before it was attacked by the bears:

“Moose and wolf encounters before the bear encounters and bear attack! Can’t believe we witnessed this unfold.”

Perhaps the wolves, who would most likely be unable to pull the moose from the water, distressed the calf to the point of exhaustion, making her an easy meal for the bears.

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