Koe Wetzel Celebrated The Solar Eclipse In True Rock Star Fashion: “Totality Blacked Out”

Koe Wetzel
Motion Theory Media

Happy Eclipse Day to those who celebrate.

Today was a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse in the United States, with multiple cities experiencing a totality solar eclipse. The freaky moment when the moon fully crosses in front of the moon and creates four minutes of darkness.

As someone who resides in Texas I was lucky enough to experience the totality of the eclipse, and as someone who is not a science nerd… it was wild. The sky turned a silvery grey before the moon completely passed the sun, dropping temperatures and creating a cloak of darkness. While I was outside with my glasses on, making sure I was not going to burn my eyes, some of country music’s finest were also enjoying the national holiday.

Koe Wetzel made sure that he was up for the once-in-a-lifetime event but made sure to tell people that his “Damn Near Normal” lifestyle normally does not start before 1 PM. Well, unless he’s hunting or fishing.

So Koe’s alarm clock went off earlier than normal to ensure that he could witness the event, he made sure that he was fully embracing the eclipse, celebrating with a cocktail or two. You know what they say… life is better with a buzz.

Wetzel shared how he was watching the eclipse, and I’m honestly jealous. I’d much rather be in a pool crushing some Nooners than sitting at my desk, walking outside in my slippers to put on some glasses to watch the thing.

“Totality f*****g blacked out.”

Koe Wetzel does eclipses right. Make sure you have protective eyewear next time. Don’t need those things getting hurt.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock