50-Pound Beaver Busts Through The Thin Ice Over & Over Again

Big beaver falls through ice
Nat Geo Wild

Fool a beaver once, shame on it. Fool a beaver twice, it’s just really damn funny.

It’s amazing to see how clumsy some animals are out in the wild. You always hear about animals having to fight for every meal, and how tomorrow is never promised for creatures out in nature. Then you see videos like this and wonder if that’s actually true.

This beaver didn’t seem to have a care in the world, and definitely didn’t understand the concept of thin ice. It just kept walking along on this slightly frozen creek, busting through the ice again and again and not really catching on to why it kept falling through.

The 50-pound rodent fell in not once, not twice, but three separate times. I’d imagine its hefty size wasn’t incredibly conducive with the thin layer of ice on top of the water. And no, I’m not fat shaming, I’m just explaining basic science. If it was a little lighter, it might’ve had a better chance staying on top of the ice.

Each time it fell through, it was more comedic and cartoonish than the last. The first time, it was just your simple ice breaking with a slow, gradual descent into the cold water. The second plunge caused the beaver to somersault head over pelt into the drink.

And the third time? It was as if the footage was taken right from a Looney Tunes episode. The thin ice almost acted as a trap door for the big beaver, and it literally dropped out of thin air and through thin ice as the semi-solid ground it stood on gave way in an instant.

At no point does it think, “You know, maybe I shouldn’t walk in this,” and I love that. Plus, it’s not like beavers aren’t comfortable getting in the water. Maybe it was just having a fun time and purposefully participating in a solo ice breaker?

Take a look:

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