Hawk Tries To Pick A Fight With A Mallard Duck… Who Turns Out To Be A Decoy

hawk attacks decoy duck

If it looks like a duck, and sits on the ground like a duck, it could very well be a mallard decoy.

We’re learning today that having “eyes like a hawk” apparently doesn’t always mean you have great vision. This hawk was right up on this wooden duck decoy and still wasn’t 100% sure what it was looking at. When it swooped down, it likely thought it had an easy meal, just like another hawk that got super confused as it tried to attack a lawn decoration that looked like a rabbit.

Maybe these two hawks could get together and talk about their embarrassing experiences of mistaking lifeless statues/models with real life prey. I’d say mistakes like this don’t happen all that often for hawks, though I can’t say that with confidence considering we’ve now got a couple of examples that say otherwise.

This poor hawk was really vetting the fact that this wooden mallard wasn’t real. It extended its sharp talons at least a dozen times trying to attack the duck from all kinds of different angles, but nothing was working. It was only later on in its efforts where the hawk seemed to realize, “This ain’t a duck.”

You almost feel bad for the hawk as it continues to launch sneak attacks on the mallard decoy. Then again, it does make for a rather comical video that someone was lucky enough to witness in person. This hawk’s PR team will likely be reaching out to try and get this video erased from the internet.

Check it out:

Not a great look for a bird that’s supposed to be an “apex predator of the sky.”

I’d like to know how long the hawk sat there before it finally gave up. It was as frustrating as it was embarrassing for the winged creature, and social media was there to provide both sympathy and jokes on the matter:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock