Fishing Guide Gets Hook Lodged In The Back Of His Head, Handles It Like A Pro

Fishing guide hooked

That kind of patience takes practice.

That’s a man whose been in that situation before. I don’t know if you’ve ever caught yourself with a hook, but it doesn’t feel great and there’s usually a few swear words that just slip on out when it happens. Oh, the joys of fishing. But spend enough time with a rod in your hand and it’s bound to happen to you… a rite of passage.

Being a fishing guide comes with all sorts of interactions, encounters and stories. If you’ve ever known one, you’d know they are story tellers by nature, and beyond loving the species they chase be it hunting or fishing, they love the story that comes with it just as much.

Guides get a mixed group of people, from the most experienced of fishermen looking for new spots or access to restricted waters, to beginners who are looking for some help. Either way, they get a ton of time out there which is hard not to appreciate that aspect of the job.

This guy had some folks out when he took a lure right to the back of his bare head.

With hardly any emotion he lets out a little noise.


Calm as day, he ensures his sport that all is good when they realize what happened.

“That’s okay. No, your fine. Even if it don’t come out right away.

I had my son pin my lips together once. I just might actually have one of you guys pull this for me.

Don’t stress about it, even if I have to drive back with it in.”

Now, that’s a man.

The kid who did it looks mortified, but what can you do? He then coaches the pair to pull it out using braided line (a must-know trick for anyone who fishes often). Then just gives it a try himself and pops it out of the back of his head to their amazement.

I just hope he got a good tip that day…

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A beer bottle on a dock