SNOW BASEBALL: Baltimore Orioles – Pittsburgh Pirates Game Plays Through The Wintry Weather

Snow baseball game in Baltimore

I didn’t even know a snow baseball game was possible.

Everyone has settled in for a snow football game at one point or another (at least I hope you have), and there’s just something magical about outdoors sports and wintry precipitation coming together. However, the combination usually happens during the late fall or winter months of the year.

But here we are almost a month into spring, and snow is still falling long after football season is over. Which gave us the rare sports occurrence of snow baseball. Considering baseball never really plays through weather events (for the safety of the players and the maintenance of the playing field), seeing a game go on with big snowflakes falling is a sight to see.

The heavy stuff was really coming down at PNC Park as the Pittsburgh Pirates took on the Baltimore Orioles in Pennsylvania. Both teams were likely aware of the weather system moving into the northeast, and instead of delaying the game, or postponing it, they bravely said, “Let’s play snow baseball.”

It made for quite the scene as some of the world’s best baseball players squared off:

Surely falling snow would make it harder to spot a small white ball hurtling at you at 90-plus miles per hour right?

It might not be the safest thing to play through a snowstorm, but baseball fans were absolutely loving it. Check out some of the social media commentary on the incredibly unique snow baseball game:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock