Mountain Lion Does Its Best Bird Impersonation In An Attempt To Lure In Prey

Mountain lion calls like a bird

Cats, whether they be big or small, or wild or domesticated, have a lot in common.

You may have a feline you share a home with that does the exact same thing that this large mountain lion does in the video below. If you don’t have a cat as a pet, you probably either hate cats (and own a dog) or you’re allergic. All I will say is to each their own…

But cat owners will likely recognize this sound that a mountain lion in Colorado put on display. Cats “chirp” and “chatter” when they are excited during a hunt, and the noises that emit from the felines usually sound a bit like a bird.

I don’t think that the “bird impersonation” is fooling any flying creatures, but cats do it anyways, maybe even just for themselves. If it doesn’t work, at least it’s cool to watch, especially in this footage where a trail camera was set up in just the right spot to capture this mountain lion in action.

I’d venture to say that it’s more enjoyable to watch on video than it would be to hear this in person. You obviously don’t want to cross paths with a mountain lion, especially when it’s apparently in hunting mode.

The caption for the video explained that if you live in an area where big cats might be on the prowl, keep an ear out for this sound and make sure not to mistake it for something else:

“Chirp, chirp, here little bird! Take a note of this sound for when you’re next out hiking in the woods. It’s not a bird!”

What a great video. It had the perfect angle and everything, almost as if the mountain lion was putting on a show for the trail camera.

There were many people that viewed the unique footage, and though everyone was in agreement that the video was great, there were plenty of mixed feelings about the sound coming out of the big cat:

“Oh hell…. one more thing for me to freak out about!”

“Kind of sounds like one of those little yappy dogs to me.”

“Love this and would have never thought a sound like that would come from them.”

“Wait until you hear them scream!”

“Your house cat does something similar to try and decoy call birds they see… higher pitch, very chirpy.”

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