Post Malone Shows Off Expert Party Trick Opening Bottle Of Wine With His Cowboy Boot

Post Malone country music

I will definitely be trying this at home.

Post Malone was in Nashville last night to surprise fans at the Ryman in what was his unofficial debut at the iconic venue, playing a flawless cover of Hank Williams’ “Honky Tonk Blues” that I can’t get enough of:

@jaclyncaldwell_ @Post Malone makes his Ryman debut in Nashville! Covers Hank Williams Sr. “Honky Tonk Blues” 🤠 #postmalone #countrymusic #unreleasedmusic #rymanauditorium #countrytiktok #postmalonefans #postmalonelive #coversong ♬ original sound – Jackie Caldwell

Of course, Post is gearing up to put out some sort of country project of his own, and has been teasing music with the likes of Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. He was also just featured on Beyoncé’s “country-inspired” Cowboy Carter album, in addition to Hardy’s Hixtape Volume 3: Difftape.

And after the show last night, it appears that he was hanging out with Ernest (who he’s also been writing with), and they were in need of a bottle opener with little luck in terms of locating one.

So, Posty took off his trusty suede cowboy boot and stuck the bottle inside, banging it against the wall several times, eventually getting the cork unstuck, coming off with ease as he tells Ernest:

“Bad day to be a bottle of Decoy.”


And obviously, most of us cowboy boot wearers know they’re good for much more than just making a fashion statement (a mini bottle usually slides right in on the side perfectly, not that I’m speaking from personal experience, though).

I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I’m in a pinch and need to open a corked bottle of wine, because I’m usually much more likely to have a pair of boots on me than a bottle opener.

While I’ve definitely heard of people doing this before, it looks like this isn’t Posty’s first rodeo using this party trick because he pulled it off with incredible ease:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock