Kristin Cavallari Gets Made Fun Of (Again) For Asking 24-Year-Old Boyfriend Why He Waited “So Long” To Get Into A Relationship

Kristin Cavallari

It just keeps getting better…

Kristin Cavallari has been taking headlines by storm over the past few weeks after debuting her relationship with 24-year-old TikTok star Mark Estes. While many people had hilarious comments after they posted their first photo together, had Cavallari just let the dust settle, no one would really care that she is dating someone fresh out of college.

But she keeps leaning into it in the worst way possible (which makes my job easy), giving us more content to make fun of this relationship.

She recently opened up on her podcast that she fangirled over the Montana Boyz, having her eyes on Estes before they met, and most recently disclosed that she would be open to having a child with him if “he’s really the one.”

While that was hard enough to hear, she once again gave views a prime opportunity to roast her relationship again. Last week, she had the TikTok thirst trap group that Estes is a part of, The Montana Boyz (yes, that’s really their name), on her podcast. The Let’s Be Honest host started asking about relationships and asking other members why they were single.

While that topic of conversation warranted no hate, she turned to her boyfriend, posing the question of why he waited so long to enter a relationship.

“I want to know why you two are single right now and why you waited so long to get into something.”

So long? He’s a CHILD….

Enter comments about their age gap…

“Why are you single? Uh, cause we just moved out of our mommy’s house.”

“Waited so long? GIRL HE’S 24.”

Even the questions were so juvenile…”

Kristin is acting like a 16-year-old trying to get the older boys to notice her.”

This is so awkward she’s like vetting him.”

“They are children, Kristin.”

“These boys will say in 20yrs we got discovered on a podcast of Kristin Cavallari.”

“Isn’t he only 24?”

“What was the reason for this?”

“Oh brother…”

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The whole podcast episode does feel like a mom trying to vet their son’s friends and learn the new lingo that the “kids” are using these days. If you want to cringe a little more check out this clip where she has The Montana Boyz define what a f***boy is.

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