Kristin Cavallari Shares She Fangirled Over The ‘Montana Boyz’ Cringey TikToks Before Cozying Up To New 24-Year-Old Boyfriend

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari

So she didn’t get the ick from watching their cringy TikToks?

Jay Cutler’s ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari, has been in the headlines as of late due to the hard relationship launch of her 24-year-old boyfriend and member of the Montana Boysz (yes, that’s a real thing), Mark Estes. While I am not here to shame an age-gap relationship, I have questions about why this dude.

Cavallari, an established businesswoman, mother, and podcast host, goes after a just-graduated college thirst trap TikTok star…I need to know where the attraction lies here. Well, Cavallari is here to clear that up during her recent Let’s Be Honest podcast episode.

“If you guys have paid attention to the news at all, you know that I’ve been in it quite a bit. Here’s how Montana came to be.”

While she reveals the story of how she and Estes ended up together, off the bat, fans have questions as to why she keeps referring to him as Montana…Yes, Mark Estes is a member of the Montana Boyz (who recently relocated to Nashville), but if Mark is short for Montana, I need her to clarify.

“Back in like September, I think it was, I’m scrolling TikTok, and I stumble upon this boy group; I guess you could call them the Montana Boyz. And so I go, holy sh*t, who are these guys?

Because they are so hot, but specifically this one. So we are like, this is the hottest guy we have ever seen in our entire lives, but like, okay, we carry on with our lives…

Three weeks later, I got a DM on Instagram from the Montana Boyz that just said, ‘I love you.'”

“I love you” is exactly what a kid fresh out of college would open with…

Cavallari then freaks out like a middle school girl with a crush on the high school quarterback. She then fan girls in her response and asks if the group would appear on her podcast…still having eyes for the one ‘super hot one’ Mark Estes.

Once she learned that they were moving to Nashville, she decided to DM them back and tell them she had heard the news. She then asked which one she was talking to, and Mark Estes responded.

“And I said., ‘Oh good, you’re my favorite.'”

I mean, good for Cavallari?

I am genuinely concerned that she watched the thirst traps and was not turned off by the cringy videos…I wonder if this is a telltale about how much substance there is in this relationship. Could it scream “mid-life crisis” any louder?

@kristincavallariHARD LAUNCHING MONTANA. The story y’all have been asking for is on today’s episode of Lets Be Honest 🤍♬ original sound – Kristin Cavallari

Let us not forget how cringy she has gotten since the announcement of their relationship, appearing in videos and making her own response video.

@kristincavallariWhen they’re all up in arms that im dating a 24 year old. Andddd?

♬ this women simply said she didnt care – doni

@montana.boyz Brother she’s country.. #fyp #montanaboyz ♬ She’s Country – Jason Aldean

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