“A Rabies-Infested Henhouse” – Joe Rogan Eviscerates ‘The View’

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Joe Rogan isn’t the first person to roast the hosts of The View, but he might have offered up the best metaphor for the show that the world has ever heard.

Rogan had a comedian and podcaster on his show named Coleman Hughes this past week, just days after Hughes appeared on the daytime talk show and was a part of a moment that went rather viral for both himself and The View.

Hughes was there to talk about his new book The End of Race Politics, which argues that modern day society should be driven more by class and socioeconomics than race. His idea is for America and the world as a whole to become “colorblind,” and it’s on that topic that one of The View‘s panelist challenged him.

Sunny Hostin had some strong words against Coleman, and suggested that he was acting as a pawn for conservative America. Hostin even went as far to subtly accuse the comedian of being anti-black. Coleman defended himself, and even seemed to win over the audience in the clip.

Take a look:

Man, that’s incredibly awkward.

So obviously, when Coleman joined The Joe Rogan Experience, his appearance on The View came up. Both Hughes and Rogan had a great time tearing into the show, and Joe offered up a description of the show that hit the nail right on the head:

“It is the show that people love to hate. They get so much hate-watching and hate-watching viral clips of them saying ridiculous things. It is a rabies-infested henhouse.”

Now THAT is what you call a metaphor. The slogan of the view should include something about being a rabies infested henhouse.

Hughes then went on to give his two cents about the uncomfortable interaction with Sunny Hostin, saying:

“I think she came into it with an agenda. She came into it, it seems, wanting to paint me as someone who has been co-opted by the right wing. And I don’t know how much research she had done into me. She claimed to have read my book twice which is almost certainly not true.”


Nothing discredits a person like highly doubting they read a book. That hits them where it hurts the most, and that was barely touching the surface of the conversation about the members of The View.

You can hear more about Hughes and Rogan’s thoughts on the talk show and its hosts below:

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