Missing Yellowstone & 1923 Actor, Cole Brings Plenty, Wanted By Police In Relation To A Domestic Violence Dispute

Yellowstone 1923

Earlier today, it was reported that Yellowstone and 1923 actor Cole Brings Plenty, the nephew of Yellowstone star, Mo Brings Plenty, went missing near Lawrence, Kansas. He was reported missing by his family, who have not had contact with him since Easter Sunday.

Yellowstone and 1923 shared the missing person flyer on their official Instagram account, Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser shared the news, as did Nicole Sheridan, the wife of creator Taylor Sheridan.

“We’re hoping for the safe return of Cole Brings Plenty, a beloved member of our Yellowstone and 1923 family. If you have any information, please contact local authorities.”

However…. it has now been revealed that Lawrence, Kansas, police are looking for him too, and not just because the family reported him missing. He is wanted in relation to a domestic violence call they received, and it seems as though he could intentionally be on the run.

According to KSNT, he is a suspect in a domestic dispute after police were alerted to a woman who was allegedly screaming for help:

“Police were called to an apartment on reports of a woman screaming for help. Upon arrival, police began investigating the claims, identifying Plenty as a possible suspect.

Traffic cameras showed Plenty leaving the city immediately following this incident south on 59 Highway.”

Police say that they have been in contact with Cole’s family.

Cole Brings Plenty has starred in an episode of Yellowstone (Season 5, Episode 4), and plays Pete Plenty Clouds in the spinoff prequel series, 1923.

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