Man Walks Right Into Middle Of A Bison Herd To Take Pictures At Yellowstone National Park

Bison surround man at Yellowstone

Stupid is as stupid does.

Or at the very least, ill informed is as ill informed does. If this guy would have gone by the National Park Service guidelines for wild animal interactions, which is to stay at least 25 yards away from non-violent animals, he would have never sought out some close up pictures of bison.

But for the millions of people that visit Yellowstone National Park every year, there are always a couple of bad apples that don’t know about, or more likely ignore, the rules and guidelines laid out to help keep tourists safe. We usually find out about them through the Instagram page “Tourons of Yellowstone,” which this idiot man was featured on.

The person who submitted the footage to the must-follow social media page described how the man came to stand right in the middle of a bison herd:

“We were at the mud volcano when this whole herd of bison walks down and surrounds the boardwalk on all sides and blocks the path to the parking lot. Most of us were retreating and waiting on the boardwalk, or, if you were in the parking lot side, retreating to your car.

Then this man in yellow just walks straight through and gets incredibly close to the bison for the perfect close up of the 2,000 pound animals.”

That really tells you all that you need to know right there. While everyone else was intelligently getting away from the big herd of bison, one man was going against the grain and walking right towards it. Usually when you hear “one person walked right into the danger,” they are doing something courageous. But this guy was just being a certified, first-team-all-American dummy.

But hey! At least his actions got him featured on a popular social media account. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Check it out:

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