Chicago White Sox Reach New Low As Tickets For Series Against Atlanta Braves Go For $1

White sox tickets

You would have thought that being the “other” team named after a pair of socks that no one cares about would have been the lowest of lows.

The tradition of baseball is rich in Chicago, at least for one of the teams that calls the “Windy City” home. Things are pretty rough for the White Sox, and have been for the past couple of years.

After two seasons in 2020 and 2021 with success and playoff appearances, the White Sox have “dropped off,” as the kids are saying nowadays. They haven’t had a winning season since then, and look to be in for another long year this year after starting 0 and 4 in 2024.

Add on the horrible weather that’s rolling through Chicago right now, and the buy in price is an incredible $1 to watch the White Sox take on the Atlanta Braves:

With prices like that, you can’t afford not to go to the game.

But I’d guess that you’d be better off doing anything else than going to watch the White Sox play baseball. Why should you put in an effort to go the game when the White Sox don’t even care enough to get their own team out on the field?

In case you missed it, during the first game of the series against the Braves (peep the empty seats), Chicago didn’t have their first base coach out on the field. There was a delay in the game to allow for the White Sox coach (or literally anyone) to make his way out onto the field.

Take a look:

Safe to say that Chicago White Sox fans are already punting on the season (sorry to use a football term in a baseball story) as they very well could beat out the Oakland Athletics for the title of the worst team in baseball.

This meme from a fan basically summed up the Chicago White Sox experience that can probably only get worse from here, and that’s saying something considering they haven’t won a game:

It’s bad…

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A beer bottle on a dock