Zach Bryan Invites Fan & Aspiring Artist On Stage For Stellar “I Remember Everything” Duet

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Jay Cisco

Birmingham was a lucky crowd to get this one on the setlist.

On the opening night of the Quittin’ Time Tour, Zach Bryan surprised the crowd by bringing out Kacey Musgraves. The Grammy Award-winning single has not been on the setlist since. I guess it’s a little hard for ZB to sing Musgraves’ airy vocals for her part…but talk about a way to open this tour.

After the magical Chicago night, some fans were sad to learn that the song was not prominent on the setlist. Some fans started posting their covers of the song on social media, hoping to grab ZB’s attention. One woman who successfully did this was Hannah McFarland.

The aspiring artist took to Instagram, hoping to capture Bryan’s attention, but it worked out in her favor more than she could imagine.

“Y’all tag him so he has to take me on tour with him, solely to sing this song.”

After hundreds of tags, ZB noticed the video and reposted it to his story, eventually leading him to ask her to join him on stage during the Birmingham, AL show. McFarland, I am sure, could not help but pinch herself getting that message asking to join him on the stage.

“‘See ya on stage March 22’ *be cool, Hannah*.”

When the time came during the show, McFarland stepped up to the plate, knocking the performance out of the park. Unlike the fans in Toronto, Birmingham was beaming with pride that she was the chosen guest singer. The video of the performance is blowing up on social media, calling McFarland Alabama’s homegrown Kacey Musgraves.

What a compliment… and she even resembles Musgraves with her dark hair.

During the performance, Bryan was taken aback by her talent as she confidently stepped up to the microphone, beautifully delivering Musgraves’ lines to the crowd. Her soft yet strong vocals convey the message of the lyrics effortlessly, and her Alabama twang rings through the amps, illuminating the arena.

Simply put… she killed it.

McFarland also took to social media to share her gratitude towards Zach Bryan and his team for making this moment become a reality.

“Can’t thank ZB and his crew enough for this. Truly the best night. That’s all I got right now…”

Here’s another angle:

@greatamericanbarscene Stellar performance from a talented fan in Birmingham Night 1 (video via Jay Cisco) #zachbryan #zachbryanconcert #kaceymusgraves #iremembereverything #quittintimetour #fyp ♬ original sound – greatamericanbarscene

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