Draymond Green Tried To Kick Grant Williams In The Nuts & Officially Needs To Be Ejected From The NBA

Draymond Green

If the NBA had a three-strike policy for gross misconduct — nay, a nine-strike policy for gross misconduct — Draymond Green would’ve worn out his welcome long ago. Alas, since he’s a four-time NBA champion, the Golden State Warriors and Adam Silver continue to enable his clownish, dangerous, bush league antics.

Getting ejected from games, myriad suspensions and even an extended hiatus from the hardwood haven’t been enough to get the f*cking message through to Draymond. He’s still out there doing fun activities like almost rendering Grant Williams’ manhood infertile.

Williams is a goon in his own way, but what he does is never as pernicious or straight-up moronic as what Draymond does. You can also see how Draymond tries to “maneuver” his way around Williams later in the game, only to get into those awkward physical entanglements only he seems to be able to pull off.

All this comes on the heels of Steph Curry basically having a mental breakdown when Draymond was ejected in the Warriors’ last contest against the Magic barely four minutes in:

Not too long ago, Golden State coach Steve Kerr spoke about visiting Draymond during his latest basketball sabbatical. No joke, both men were legit crying about how Dray is ruining his legacy with his antics. At 34 years old, you’d think Draymond would know better by now. He just doesn’t get it. Never will.

Look at what Draymond did to Grant Williams. Then look at this commentary of his about the aforementioned ejection — his fourth of the season in 48 games played:

Doesn’t get it. Never will. How about the Warriors’ game before they faced the Magic? In Miami, Dray almost choke-slammed somebody.

There’s no denying Draymond is great at basketball. He’s one of the best all-around defenders of his generation. But his bullsh*t is no longer endearing in any context. It’s gotten past the point of “hate him if he’s not on your team, but love him if he is!”

Nah. That ain’t it. Draymond no longer deserves the privilege of playing in the NBA. Adam Silver, do the right thing and figuratively rocket launch this idiot into the Sun.

Watch, I bet Draymond doesn’t even get fined for his attempted Williams crotch kick. And so the world goes.

What more do we need to see? Does Draymond have to Last Boy Scout-style pull out a firearm on the court and gun somebody down in cold blood to face any meaningful consequences?

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