“I’ve Spent The Past Year Saving My Life” – Stephen A. Smith Reveals Incredible Physical Transformation

Stephen A SMith
Stephen A Smith

Not gonna lie, Stephen A. Smith used to strike me as an irredeemable blowhard caricature who I couldn’t listen to for more than two minutes at a time. In more recent times, and especially once he started his own show to answer any and all fans’ most absurd questions without a second thought, I can sincerely say that Stephen A. is l0w-key high-key the man in that setting.

Does that mean I watch First Take with any regularity? Absolutely not, but I will tune in for any original content Stephen A. puts out on his YouTube channel. Lo and behold, to pump up his new podcast with Gary Brecka, Stephen A. clipped out a truly stunning commitment to fitness that could inspire anyone.

Regardless of how you feel about Stephen A., you can’t help but commend him for his dedication to improving his health. He explains how he was very close to becoming diabetic, how his cholesterol levels had hit 300, and that he had 30% body fat. Now? At 56 years young, Stephen A. is a lean, mean, hot take machine.

As somebody whose metabolism is slowing down amid a struggle with a not-inconsiderable amount of weight gain over the past year or so, Stephen A’s situation gives me hope that I have plenty of time to get back going in the right direction.

Given Stephen A’s age, it’s not hyperbolic or melodramatic for him to say that he’s been saving his life. I like, too, how in the brief exchange with Brecka you can see above, it’s emphasized that you don’t need to be as financially affluent as Stephen A. to get on a good program and make lifestyle changes like this. Also, as you can see from the X post caption, this was an all-natural approach that Stephen A. took to bettering his body. No Ozempic or steroids involved.

I will say, though, upon further reflection, that Stephen A’s comments about Zion Williamson’s diet — he essentially fat shamed Zion last month — carry a whole different context now.

Understanding that you have to say bold things on TV to drive ratings, for someone like Stephen A. to struggle so much in his own right with health, it’s surprising that he came at Zion so hard with all that. I get that Zion is a professional athlete, and it goes without saying that he should keep himself in shape. It’s part of his job description. Zion is a transcendent talent. Watching him get hurt all the time, in part due to a physique he could’ve maintained a lot better, is frustrating.

To his credit, Zion looks excellent these days. He’s playing the best basketball of his life for a New Orleans Pelicans squad that Stephen A’s colleague, Jay Williams, views as a potential Western Conference finalist.

Anyway, no need to slam Stephen A. for that. Probably not a moment he’s too proud of on any level in retrospect. Not a great take! But again, I feel like Stephen A. shows off a more genuine side of himself on his personal show. That’s certainly the case with this physical transformation reveal. Love to see it.

Here’s the full conversation with Gary who UFC President Dana White also credits with his own physical transformation:

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