“He’s Stealing All Of Our Food” – Bear Breaks Into Bachelor Party Cabin, Makes Off With A Tower Of Tortillas


That’s the bear’s cabin now.

I would say squatter’s rights, but I know that’s somewhat of a touchy subject online right now. So instead I’ll say that tortillas must have been a “bear necessity” for whatever this bruin was cooking up for dinner that night.

As the story goes, a woman by the name of Hannah Rich checked in on her fiancé to see how his Lake Tahoe bachelor trip was going. We don’t know for certain how he responded, but there’s a good chance that this is the answer that she got.

That answer came in the form of a video of a big ol’ bear that had somehow made its way into the cabin the bachelor party was staying at. I’m sure they were lucky to not get hit with an extra cleaning fee from AirBnB after this.

The bear was seen walking around inside the residence with a tower of packaged tortillas hanging from its snout. It looked pretty comfortable navigating the kitchen area of the home for a wild animal.

One person also inside the cabin with the bear can be heard saying:

“He’s stealing all of our food. He took our tortillas.”

Not the tortillas! The ever-so-crucial taco ingredient was likely a goner as the bear held them tightly in between its jaw, but the good news is that the pile of beer and other alcoholic beverages that appear in one corner of the kitchen in the footage appear to be untouched.

So it’s not a total loss, as long as the guys were able to eventually coax the bear out of the building. They were doing their best as one of them yelled at the bruin:

“Hi buddy! Get (out)! That’s right.”

Shockingly, the bear seemed to understand what that meant. It turned around and started heading for one of the exits, though it still had the tortillas in tow. You can check out the wild video below:

@hannahrich6 Seems like everything is going well! #fyp #laketahoe ♬ original sound – Hannah Rich

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock