Deer Hunter’s Tree Stand Is Taken Over By Barn Owls

Owls take over blind

The hunter suddenly becomes the hunted….

Ok, maybe not “the hunted,” but barn owls are some of the coolest birds of prey out there. Their unique heart-shaped faces are some of the most recognizable in the world of birds, but these predators are most known for their silent flight ability, even with that large 4-foot wingspan.

Barn owls get their name from seeking out secluding nesting sites, like old barns. They go places where nothing else really does to ensure the best success for their young. These owls clearly care for their nests, so if anything gets close they are definitely willing to attack for that.

Really, a deer blind makes perfect sense for them to take over… a shelter in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t typically have much use.

These barn owls were found right in this guy’s deer stand, and they did not seem happy to be found. Two barn owls, that think they have found a new home are clearly not happy that this guy is there. They stand their ground and both spread their wings to make themselves look as large as possible.

I think it’s their deer stand now… better find another tree.

Not exactly what you expect to see when you head out for a hunt, but that’s kind of the thrill, right? Seeing the unexpected?

Check it out:

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