Brent Cobb’s Couch Jam To The Lynyrd Skynyrd Hit, “Call Me The Breeze,” Is Stupid Good

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Brent Cobb

A Brent Cobb jam session is always a treat.

“Call Me The Breeze” is a classic rock song that most people know from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s version, but J.J. Cale is the artist who originally sang it. It appeared on Cale’s 1972 debut album, Naturally, and then was recorded by Skynyrd on their sophomore album Second Helping in 1974. Cale’s original version follows a much more acoustic and ‘airy’ sound compared to Skynyrd’s rip-roaring southern rock version. Both are stellar and showcase the classic song in a stellar light.

Brent Cobb and his crew sat on a couch warming up for a 2018 studio session. But out of this warm-up jam session came a stellar cover of “Call Me The Breeze.”

From the ‘Meat and Potatoes Sessions,’ the cover of the song poses a soulful take as three acoustic guitars, an electric, and a drummer hitting a plastic bucket, the seemingly simple group of guys sitting around on leather couches create magic. The electric player lets blues-inspired licks flow through the amp while all the acoustic players pick their guitars, giving it a ‘thumpy’ type melody you feel in your chest. The tinge from the drumstick hitting the plastic bucket gives a street feel to the song, as though you are hearing this walking through the streets of New Orleans or Memphis. It’s raw and authentic.

Cobb leads the vocals, letting his Georgian twangs shine as the lyrics leave his lips effortlessly, leaving listeners wanting to hear more of the smooth delivery.

“Call me the breeze
I keep blowing down the road
Well now they call me the breeze
I keep blowing down the road
I ain’t got me nobody
I don’t carry me no load….”

As all the men in the room tap their feet and bobble their heads to the melody, this video highlights the power of music. Everyone is in a trance with what they are playing, letting each note be felt from their fingers to their toes.

Brent Cobb is one of the best in the business, and this video amplifies his incredible talent. This is a great watch to kick off your weekend, fire it up.

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