Bear Digging Into Front Yard Bird Feeder Has House Cat SHOOK

Cat stunned by bear
Ashlea Touville

Bird feeders often become bear feeders.

Wildlife experts often advise those living in bear country to not put up bird feeders, or really leave out food of any kind. Bears of all shapes, sizes and types have an incomparable sense of smell, allowing them to detect food from over a mile away.

This bear must have caught onto the scent of the bird seed, which is usually reserved for birds passing by (and thus entertainment for the house cat in the clip). Once it had the feeder in its sights, it didn’t waste any time bringing down the shepherd’s pole and digging in like it was an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The woman heard the racket at one point and went to her front window to see that an unexpected wild animal visitor was going to town on her bird feeder. She was surprised to say the least, though nowhere near as shocked as her pet cat:

“I’m gonna pass out. My heart is going 100 miles an hour. Oh my gosh. Look at his face.”

The camera then pans over to show the woman’s pet cat who simply could not be more shocked and/or surprised by the visit from the bear. It’s probably safe to assume that the cat is used to seeing small birds stop by the feeder… not fully grown bears.

That cat’s face is priceless, to say the least:

Probably safe to assume that’s the cat’s first time seeing a bear?

Judging by the pet’s reaction, I feel rather confident saying it was its first bruin sighting. I’m thankful that the moment was captured on video for the whole world to see, as was everyone else in the comments of the post:

“The cat is like, ‘WHAT THE **** KIND OF BIRD IS THAT?!'”

“This is the exact moment he became an indoor cat.”

“I was waiting for the cat to pass out. I think he was holding his breath while making that face.”

“I’ve never seen a cat look so concerned.”

“The cat couldn’t bear it.”

Always here for a good animal pun. Well done Instagram user, well done.

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