John Daly Put On A SHOW At PGA Champions Tour Party, Belted Out “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” From The DJ Booth

John Daly

John Daly is simply the best.

By that, do I mean that he’s the best golfer on the planet? He’s shown flashes in his storied career, but he’s not the best at it. Is he the best at singing, or DJ-ing? The answer to that is probably no as well.

What John Daly is best at is being John Daly. The professional golfer is truly one of a kind, and the entertaining anecdotes about him both on and off the golf course are virtually endless.

Whether it be his memorable golfing outings with Kid Rock and Ron White, or his ridiculous pre-round routine back in the prime of his PGA playing days, there’s no one that has enjoyed life more (and arguably utilized their talent less) than Daly.

I think it’s okay to wonder if John Daly ever liked playing golf in the first place. He was good, don’t get me wrong, and can still get around a golf course with ease, but he does seem to have the most fun when there isn’t a golf club in his hand.

There’s a chance that John Daly’s dream job was actually a performer, considering how much he loves to get up on stage and sing. Daly was a great friend to Toby Keith, and he even kicked the tires on trying to become a country star at one point in time with a couple of albums, I Only Know One Way in 2010 and Whiskey & Water back in 2022.

There’s no doubt that Daly has stage presence. That’s on full display in this recent video of the pro golfer “putting on a show” at a pro-am party at the Galleri Classic, a Champions tour event taking place in Rancho Mirage, California.

Daly can be seen in the DJ booth belting out “Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” and it sounds like he put a golf spin on the classic song. The lyrics he sings before the track gets to its iconic chorus go as follows:

“Haven’t made a cut in weeks, my career looks so bleak.”

For those non-golfers out there, a “cut” is something that takes place halfway through a professional golf tournament, whittling down the field by taking out around half of the players based on their scores. Something that Daly is quite familiar with…

Which is probably why he was singing it with so much passion in the footage below:

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