“Banging On The Door Of My Bus, ‘We’re Going To The T*tty Bar'” – Ron White Talks Golfing & Drinking With John Daly & Kid Rock

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John Daly, Kid Rock, and Ron White all playing golf together? Imagine how much fun they must have on a regular basis.

Legendary comedian Ron White stopped into The Joe Rogan Experience and the topic of his friendship with iconic golfer John Daly came up. White said he’s been friends with the loud-mouthed, loud-dressed professional golfer for quite some time, and had nothing bad to say about him when it came to the golf side of things:

“John Daly, he’s a gifted athlete. No matter what he would have done, he would have been great at it…

But he was so self destructive that he could (only) manage it to some point. He won two major championships, which most people that play professional golf will never win one, or never win a tournament.”

There’s no doubt that Daly is one of the most gifted players that has ever played the game. Many have wondered what he could have been if he actually, you know, tried at all. Instead, he was usually too busy drinking and smoking cigarettes. 

Based on what Ron White said in the interview, he’s at least substituted some of the alcohol intake with a couple of different drinks of choice:

“Well he drinks, boy, he just drinks so much. But he drinks Diet Cokes and chocolate milk, and he doesn’t really eat. And then he drinks vodka by gallon.

In the refrigerator, gallons of milk and Hershey’s chocolate squirt bottle. He makes it up himself, and then Diet Cokes, cigarettes, one after another.”

Chocolate milk, Diet Cokes, and cigarettes…I don’t remember learning about that on the Food Pyramid growing up, do you?

But Daly has never been one to do things by the book. That’s evident in his preparation for golf tournaments (which is somewhat what he does for a living), as described by Ron White:

“This guy doesn’t practice ever at golf. He’ll go out there and hit sand wedges and he’ll hit maybe four of them, then goes straight to the tee box. Whether he’s playing a professional tour event or playing with his good buds.

That’s just how much ability he’s got. Most of these guys, they take that sh*t serious every damn day of their life. Hours and hours a day go into nothing but preparing…he spends no time at all.”

All the time he doesn’t spend practicing golf goes into other things, like some of Daly’s side projects that he uses to hustle some extra money in. Rogan and White talked about how Daly sets up at a Hooters near “The Masters” every year, and also chatted about his new alcoholic beverage called “The John Daly,” which is just an Arnold Palmer (tea and lemonade combo) with vodka in it.

White said he respects the side hustles, and tries to keep up with Daly as much as he can (without drinking), though he tends to struggle a bit when Kid Rock is around:

“I quit drinking about three years ago, and Kid Rock hangs out there (at John’s) all the time, and they’re really good buddies. He’s play golf with us…it’s not a great golf course either, it’s just one we all go to.

They’ll be banging on the door of my bus ‘we’re going to the titty bar, come with us.’ Like, dude, what part of ‘I don’t drink anymore’ do you not understand?”

What a trio…

You can hear more about Ron White and John Daly’s friendship in the clip from The Joe Rogan Experience below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock