“My Heart Is Truly Broken” – Golfer John Daly Mourns The Loss Of Good Friend, Toby Keith

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John Daly

Pro golfer John Daly put out a statement following the tragic announcement of Keith’s passing earlier today, saying:

“My heart is truly broken…one of my best friends gone by this disease. RIP Big Dawg…”

It truly is a sad day in the country music world, but something tell’s me that Toby Keith wouldn’t want everyone to be moping around. That’s why it’s okay to turn the attention to this comical country-music-themed commercial, which features a song that Toby Keith could have easily turned into a number one hit.

The world was robbed of what could have been one of the best commercials to ever grace our TV screens. There are certain things that you can and cannot put on television, and this vintage golf commercial from the 2000s was deemed as something that “cannot” be on TV. Lucky for you though, I tracked it down and included it a little bit later in the story.

The commercial featured professional golfer John Daly doing his best Toby Keith impersonation, singing a song called “Go Long or Go Home” in front of a rowdy bar. Clips of Daly hitting “bombs” and dangerously driving a golf cart are intertwined with the bar excerpts as well, and it truly is a chaotic commercial (they don’t make them like this anymore).

Though Toby Keith isn’t featured in the advertisement, you can tell that he had a lot of influence on the song and the video. That would make sense, considering that John Daly and the “Big Dog Daddy” were close friends.

In a commercial for the golf brand Maxfli, Daly absolutely brought it with a country music song that appears to have been created solely for this ad. And the advertisement wasn’t so much a commercial, but more of a music video (that also looks like it took some inspiration from Toby Keith).

Sadly, the commercial was banned because it featured Daly drinking beer and driving his golf cart. In my opinion, it could have gotten the axe for failing to really be clear what it was an advertisement for (it only shows Maxfli twice in the ad).

That being said, the video is still one wild ride, and because it features Daly recklessly driving a golf cart, I mean that in both the literal and figurative senses. Check it out:

Somehow, that’s one of the best and worst commercials I’ve ever seen.

Many have watched that and compared it to Keith’s music video for “I Love This Bar,” which is a certified Big Dog Daddy classic. The song itself and the rowdy music video to go with it could draw comparisons to a lot of Toby Keith’s catalogue, which still makes me think that he and Daly dreamed up “Go Long or Go Home” together.

You can view the music video for “I Love This Bar” below and see if you think it matches up:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock